LTPAC Health IT Collaborative

"Experts collaborating on health IT issues for improved coordinated quality care in Long-Term Post-Acute Care."

What is LTPAC?

What is Health IT?

Who is LTPAC Health IT 

Why the Collaborative matters.

We strive to improve and advance:

  • Universal availability and accessibility of health records 
    Advocate for the universal availability and accessibility of individual health records so providers can provide great care experiences for persons with chronic and/or complex needs.
  • Construction of user friendly health IT environments
    Advocate with public and private stakeholders and institutions for the resources, infrastructure, standards, payment models, initiatives and incentives so providers in LTPAC can adopt and optimize health IT.
  • Adoption of health IT in practice
    Challenge providers to be effective users of, and contributors to the individual health records when used, so these individuals can manage the care and services they receive.
  • Leverage of health IT on outcomes and quality of life
    Encourage providers and other stakeholders to leverage health information, technology, and innovative     products/services so they can enhance the quality of life and outcomes for persons with chronic and/or complex needs.
  • Health IT capabilities, strategies, and availability
    Engage, convene, and inform stakeholders to improve the state of health information and technology capabilities, strategies, and availability so providers and caregivers can provide great care experiences of persons with chronic and/or complex needs.
  • Utilization of meaningful technologies
    Advocate for technologies that assist a person to age in place and live in the home of their choice.
  • Health IT connected care
    Advocate for technologies that connects a person’s health, care, and support team to ensure holistic, collaborative care.

Our Members

We are an invitation only public-private group of stakeholder organizations with an interest in providing quality care beyond the walls of a hospital.  

The Collaborative was formed in 2005 to advance health IT issues by encouraging coordination among national associations representing clinicians, providers, information technology developers and researchers with specific expertise in the Long-Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) sector of healthcare.

We are the Collaborative voice of health information technology experts for the LTPAC space.
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